A unique vehicle
booking and resource planning system

The ADA Base service booking and resource planning system is one of its kind. For consumers, it always provides quick and easy bookings, as well as precise cost estimates for the work and any necessary spare parts. For service centres and other car maintenance professionals, ADA Base saves precious work time, improves work satisfaction, and reduces personnel expenses.

Added quality for the service experience

For vehicle owners, the ADA Base makes service bookings easy and transparent. Thanks to the booking system, the customer will be aware of the precise costs of any maintenance when they make their booking. The system also allows submitting additional orders. Quick booking saves the customer time, and ADA Base helps to ensure that the required parts are available at the service centre precisely at the right time. The service is available in a browser-based format as well as a mobile app.


Saving time and expense

Although many companies in the car industry already use various booking systems, none of these reach the level of ADA Base. Whereas before, service technicians have had to search for information about spare parts from various sources and it has taken an average of fifteen minutes per customer to complete a work order, ADA Base can now handle all this in just a matter of seconds, which translates to hefty savings over the course of a year.


For large and small

Unlike many of its competitors, ADA Base is not restricted to any particular brand or manufacturer. This software is the perfect choice for any company, whether it is a chain of service centres, a specialised repair shop, an importer, a leasing company, or an independent repair shop. No matter what your business concept is, ADA Base is the right choice.


Efficient resource planning

ADA Base’s resource planning features help service centres get a clear overview of the daily booking situation along with effortless invoicing. Thanks to the system, time previously spent on administrative tasks can now be dedicated to enhancing customer service and improving the quality of the maintenance work.

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