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Also suitable for car washes, damage repair and small machine repair shops

Whether you are running a repair shop, car wash or a bike or construction machine maintenance shop, ADA will provide a solution suitable for you.

There are two versions of ADA, which will provide your company with a wide range of tools for managing day-to-day work.

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Clear pricing, customer support

Our pricing is clear, you always know what you’re paying for and will avoid nasty surprises. This is important to businesses when looking ahead.

Our customer support will be at your service in every situation, to ensure that your company gains the full benefits of our software. We do not charge for customer service, as we believe it should be part of the package.

A Finnish product made to meet your needs

Our software has been built to meet the needs and challenges encountered in repair shop operations, based on decades of experience in managing Finnish car repair shops.


ADA is powerful software for managing day-to-day operations in car repair shops. It offers features that competing products do not. With these, you can make your own work smoother and serve your customers more flexibly. You will also earn more, since making sales and providing customers with additional services have been made particularly easy.

Some of the key features of ADA are listed below. You can then start a free trial period, exploring all of the software’s features and how ADA can improve the efficiency of your repair shop.

The repair shop calendar

The calendar keeps all your jobs easily manageable and in order. You can view matters directly in the calendar, such as cars that have been brought in and finished, and invoiced jobs.

  • Jobs for the day and the booking situation for the entire month are kept up to date at all times
  • Dividing jobs between mechanics and different days is child's play, and you can easily change the length of a reservation by ‘stretching’ it. You can add a new reservation quickly, by clicking on a vacant spot
  • The colour of each reservation indicates its status. You will also see whether the necessary parts have been ordered, and can check the contents of a reservation just by moving your mouse cursor over it

Work order creation and management

The full range of features needed for processing a work order from start to finish are available in a clear 'work order' view. You will be able to build a work order including the next scheduled maintenance or change of tyres, or a specific repair job, faster than ever before.

  • The work order and calendar work seamlessly together. You will see a suitable time for the job in the calendar when creating the overall job
  • Car and owner information by vehicle registration number
  • Printing out and sending a quote to the customer
  • These features are logically placed and take just a few moments to learn. You no longer need to remember complex keyboard shortcuts. All changes are saved automatically, with no need for separate Save buttons

The right spare parts and jobs for all cars

The software displays car maintenance, repairs, and the compatible spare parts needed for them. You may have previously needed to use up to 4-5 programs to find information needed for creating a work order. Now, everything is available with just a few clicks and a single application.

  • Based on the car’s technical information and mileage, get the contents of the next scheduled maintenance within seconds
  • Compatible repairs and spare parts are easy to find due to clear categorisations
  • A range of prices for your mechanics’ work are enabled by make-specific pricing of jobs and guideline time multipliers, and prioritisation of spare parts and product categorisation-specific pricing
  • It is easy to create a spare parts order for a supplier, containing the right parts for the car in question. You no longer need to order extras – you’ll be free of inconvenient part returns

Work management

For maintenance and repairs, the software offers features that facilitate the work of mechanics and supervisors.

  • The car maintenance history is stored in the software, which helps you assess the maintenance need. The maintenance history can be downloaded to ADA from your old software
  • A maintenance checklist can be printed as a clearly filled-out receipt for both the mechanic inspecting the car and the customer
  • Repair images and instructions enable mechanics to perform every necessary stage of the work.
  • Job stamping allows you to monitor the efficiency of individual mechanics

Repair manuals and information

The repair manuals and repair information is an additional feature for ADA Base and ADA Lite. This package will significantly ease and support the mechanics' work.

  • Repair manuals for precise graphical instructions
  • Technical data for tightening torques, liquid classifications and filling quantities, adjustment values, change intervals etc.
  • Wiring diagrams, engine measurement and exhaust gas values. Fuse and relay assignment.
  • Recall campaigns and service bulletins made by the manufacturer

See more details about the instructions here (in Finnish)

The repair instructions only cost 59 euros / month. The first year's price is 649 euros, since you first get to test the package for a month free of charge. The repair instructions' use is not restricted, as many people as needed may use the instructions. The package has a three (3) month's agreement period and there is no one year minimum order period.

Do you wish to have only the repair instruction package without the other features of the ADA Base or ADA Lite programs? In such a case the price is 79 euros / month. Other terms as above, also the one-month test period in the beginning.

These are only some of the key aspects of the ADA Base software. You can learn all about the software’s features from our comprehensive user manual, which covers all program functionality and shows how easy it is to get things done using ADA Base.

See the users' manual here

Choose the most suitable version for your operation

ADA Base offers the best and broadest set of features for running a car repair shop. You’ll be able to serve your customers more smoothly than ever, and save your own time and your company’s expenses.

ADA Lite is a lighter version for those used to building work orders manually. Lite will help you to manage your jobs and calendar. Please note that Lite is also ideal for car washes and damage repair shops.

ADA Lite

€79/mo (VAT0)

  • ADA Lite is ideal for you if you want to use its multifunctional calendar for managing jobs at your shop. Lite is a good choice for car washes or damage repair and small machine repair shops, and for those who are used to recording maintenance orders manually.
  • Comprehensive user instructions
  • Free user support
  • Unlimited number of users

Feature comparison

ADA Lite ADA Base
General features
Unlimited number of users  
Free user support  
Comprehensive user’s manual  
Vehicle and customer management
Vehicle management  
Customer management  
Today’s bookings  
Monthly booking rate  
Booking information and job status  
Editing a reservation  
Quick creation of a new reservation  
Reservations with a length of several days  
Calendar settings  
Work orders
Work order creation and management  
Repair and offer packages  
Sending and printing an offer  
Work order billing  
A card payment terminal directly connected to the software  
Replacement car management  
Scheduled maintenance contents  
Repair contents and guideline times  
Compatible spare parts  
Maintenance and repair campaigns  
Maintenance checklist  
Job stamping  
Repair manuals and information (additional feature with extra cost)
Repair manuals  
Technical data  
Wiring diagrams  
Diagnostic values  
Fuse and relay assignment  
Recall Campaigns  
Manufacturer's service campaigns and bulletins  
Spare parts order management
Creating a spare parts order from a work order  
Sending an order to a supplier  
Spare parts order status and reception  
Work and spare parts pricing
Supplier’s product/price list  
Advance list pricing based on product category  
Brand-specific hourly rate  
Brand-specific guideline time multiplier  
Using your own oils and fluids  
Spare part prioritisation  
Repair shop management
Repair shop basic information and settings management  
Repair shop reporting  
User management  
Tyre hotel
Management of seasonally stored tyres  
Sale of storage for tyre changes  
Tyre information logging  
Use of groove depth information in marketing  
Booking service for your own website
Addition of service to your website upon request  
Booking selected repair packages, tyre changes and replacement cars  
Booking the next scheduled maintenance  
Software costsall prices VAT 0%
Activation fee   €100 €100
Monthly software fee   €79 €159
Traficom search   €0.70/unit €0.70/unit
Sending of "Car ready" text message   free free
Pricing of additional services (only if the feature has been activated)
Repair manuals and information   59 €/kk 59 €/kk
Data transfer from the previous system   €150 €150
POS terminal   From €39.80/mth
See the price list
From €39.80/mth
See the price list

ADA is used by over 300 repair shops from Helsinki region to Sodankylä in Lapland

A highly intuitive program with excellent features. The software supports garages by providing comprehensive information on servicing costs and the required spare parts, enabling e.g. faster price quotations. A huge plus: it can be used on any device, in any location.

Autohuolto Canoma, Helsinki

ADA Base is just the kind of modern approach we have been hoping to adopt. Use of the program in a browser enables us to serve our customer using any device and from anywhere. ADA's customer service and development listens carefully to their customers' needs, and the program has evolved brilliantly through use. We can recommend ADA Drive as a partner and Base as a tool for repair shops.

Aurinkotien Auto, Naantali

ADA Base is a key element of Autohuolto Karppinen’s digitalisation project. The new resource management system has enabled major efficiencies.

Autohuolto Karppinen, Haukipudas

Easy to use, organized functions, quick offer calculation and work order creation. Tracking mechanic effectiveness, sales progress etc.   Strongly recommended!

NT-Autohuolto, Tampere

A convenient and easy-to-use tool for repair shops. Strongly recommended  

Autohuolto Kariste, Helsinki

Easy and above all quick to use. No repeated logging in, and easy to start up in the morning

Autokorjaamo Marko T, Kuhmo

Easy, clear and quick to use. It's good that it's a cloud service, easy to use also when not at the repair shop

JT-Carfix, Helsinki

ADA Base offers a quick and cost-effective way of calculating offers and billing repair and maintenance works. Quick vehicle identification and great usability are the top strengths of this software.

Hyvinkään Kansityö ja Huolto

Clear and straightforward, easy to introduce

E-autohuolto Veikkola & E-autohuolto Lohja

Easy to use, works well!  

Herttoniemen Autokorjaamo, Helsinki

MetroAuto has implemented online booking using the ADA Base software. ADA Base’s booking service interacts with the AutoMaster system and uses its calendar. Bookings made through the service generate complete work orders in AutoMaster.


ADA Base is used for training Omnia’s vehicle mechanics. For students, the software offers tools for practicing and implementing work orders created in car repair shops, with modern software used by such businesses.

Omnia, The Joint Authority in Education in the Espoo Region

Please contact us if you’re interested in using ADA Base in an educational institution!

ADA Base was used by students participating in a customer service task competition. Each participant used it to create a work order for the car they serviced during the competition assignment. The software was easy to use, and ADA Drive proved a reliable partner in organising the event. When using a repair shop system feels natural, students find it easier to focus on the task in hand.

Taitaja 2019 event coordinator

Watch a video of the event

Booking service for your own website

ADA is more than just software for everyday use in a car repair shop. One of its features is a booking service which you can start using and add to your website.

The booking service allows your customers to make their next car maintenance reservations for themselves. This creates a finished work order for you to process, which you can view in your repair shop calendar as soon as the customer has booked a time. You have full control over the services your customers can book through the service, whether they concern the next scheduled maintenance, a tyre change, a pre-planned repair or troubleshooting.

Read more about the booking system and its possibilities

Try it out in your own work

You can try the software out at your leisure, to see how it improves the efficiency of your operations. The trial period involves no commitments.

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